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Members of the TBC community have accounts/wallets in TBC global system where they are coin holders, the holding has been long overdue where members are unable to exchange their coins for cash. It is upon this that members in the TBC community decided to avail to its members a platform for exchange. The exchange will operate on the basis of the TBC global wallet terms Our Main aim is to make The Billion Coin acceptable coin globally, as you are aware many people are having the coin, and most are stack with the coin since its exchange is not yet streamlined, it is our obligation and duty to put this coin into exchange for members to start using value in their coins. Our exchange gains value by making money from Mining and Trading. We use the pre-deposited amount (Bitcoin) you deposited in order to exchange with us and to also trade with the company SOFTCOIN INC partnered with before you request for your exchange.  .

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